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The "Hope Wins" Project

"Hope Wins" is a new project that allows donors to give hope to a client in a tangible way. For $30, you can buy a gift bundle to be given to a new client in need who walks through our door. This is a physical reminder of God's love for them. The gift bundle includes three items from current Hope Clinic supporters: Never Lose Heart: Hope for the Journey by Connie Smith, a Salt and Light Candle from Emily Days, and a "Hope Wins" mug from US Imprints. You also have the option to write a personal note to the client receiving the gift! To do so, email Jessica Williams at jwilliams@hopeclinicforwomen.org with your receipt and what you want to say.

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$30 "Hope Wins" Donation

The Uncovering Hope Gift Bundle

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At Hope Clinic, we seek to heal the pain and lift the feeling of isolation that may come after experiencing an abortion. Both male and female counselors are available to walk with you towards hope and healing. Women and men who have experienced an abortion may have anxiety and panic attacks, intrusive re-experiences of past traumatic events, or may avoid things related to the event. He or she also may feel shame, guilt, anger, unresolved grief, a sense of detachment or a lack of support. You may not be ready to process this experience, but we want you to know that we are available. We’d like to give you a token of our support with an “Uncovering Hope” gift, free of charge. The gift includes:

• A book of encouragement
• A small vial of soothing essential oils
• A piece of handmade jewelry with a note from the person who made it specifically for you

$30 "Hope Wins" Donation