Group Volunteering

Group Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer groups can support Hope Clinic through the following activities:

  • 2019-2020 Calendar for Group Volunteer Opportunities: throughout the year we have a few Saturday mornings and various weekdays set aside for group volunteer opportunities and projects. If your group is interested, click here to see what dates are available and sign up.

    • Some additional opportunities may be posted as needed by Hope Clinic.

    • Dates not filled by THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE will be canceled.

  • Host a baby bottle campaign: participating in a baby bottle campaign fundraiser not only gives money to Hope Clinic’s most urgent needs, it also can serve as an opportunity to engage families in the importance of supporting local charities in a fun, visual way.

  • Lead a clothing/diaper drive: our maternity/baby room provides our clients with all the practical support they need in their new role as a parent from diaper and wipes to maternity clothes and strollers. Check out our list of top needed items at any time, or purchase straight from our Amazon wishlist.




For more information on how your group can get involved, contact Megan snell at or 615.627.2790.