Volunteer Opportunities

Directly with Clients (male and female):

Introduction to Hope Clinic. Direct Client Training provided. Must be 21+ years of age.

  • Bridge Class Instructor - Teach a class to Bridge clients on topics related to pregnancy, parenting, support groups, health and well-being, or life skills. Must have received formal study and/or training to teach class.

    • Time commitment: Typically a one-hour session once a month (or more).

    • Need: 16

    • Currently serving: 4

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

  • Bridge Mentor - This position focuses on a partnership with a client who has chose life and to parent. Your role takes her typically from the beginning of the 2nd trimester through birth and up to the baby’s first year. You will be trained to help assess her practical needs (and provide the right options/resources) while providing the ‘mentoring/spiritual’ support she also needs.

    • Time commitment: Typically a one-hour session every other week.

    • Need: 100 female, 25 male

    • Currently serving: 29 females, 5 males

    • Where? Onsite or offsite

  • Licensed Therapists/Counselors - Offer your skills as a licensed therapist/counselor to provide professional counseling to our individual and couples clients.

    • Time commitment: At least 2-4 hours monthly (can be more)

    • Need: 1 female, 1 male

    • Currently serving: 0

    • Where? Onsite or online during operational hours

  • Language Interpreter - Assist staff members in caring for our foreign language-speaking clients, including translating written materials and interpreting for appointments, groups and Bridge classes. Must be fluent in foreign language.

    • Time commitment: As needed (flexible schedules required).

    • Need: 2

    • Currently serving: 2

    • Where? Onsite or via phone call during operational hours

  • Medical (NPs, RNs) - Provide medical care and medical consultation to healthcare and pregnancy clients. Or present evidence-based healthy decisions healthcare curriculum with prevention education team. Must be a licensed RN/NP to volunteer in this position.

    • Time commitment: Typically a 3-4 hour shift every other week (or more).

    • Need: 10 RN, 3 NP

    • Currently serving: 7 RN, 3 NP

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

  • Medical Mobile Unit, General Volunteers - Serve by creating conversation with clients and sharing about our services at health fairs, People Loving Nashville, and other community events.

    • Time commitment: Typically one Monday, Friday or Saturday evening once a month (can be more often).

    • Need: 10

    • Currently serving: 4

    • Where? Off-site with at War Memorial and other sites

  • Phone/Options Lay Counselor - You do not need to be a therapist but you will learn how to handle the most critical interactions with our clients. This position is for someone who can be onsite at the clinic to either answer client calls or walk with her in those first/second visits with one of our nurses while she is making her choice.

    • Time commitment: Typically a two hour session every other week (or more).

    • Need: 40

    • Currently serving: 3

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

  • Prevention Speaker - Present evidence-based abstinence and healthy decisions curriculum and facilitate group discussions to junior high and high school students.

    • Time commitment: Typically five one-hour sessions at least once a semester (can be more often).

    • Need: 6

    • Currently serving: 9

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

Behind the Scenes (male and female):

Express Training or Introduction to Hope Clinic. Must be 16+ years of age.

  • Clothing Room - Organize storage area, sort through donations, and place items in clothing room so that clients will have a variety of items to choose from when shopping. You will also assist our Bridge clients in shopping for baby and maternity items.

    • Time commitment: Typically a one or two hour session once a month (or more).

    • Need: 40

    • Currently serving: 5

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

  • Event Coordinator - Assist with a fundraising event by managing or assisting with one of the following areas: marketing/PR, decorations, soliciting donations, event logistics, set-up/tear down.

    • Time commitment: Typically 2-4 hours monthly during event months

    • Need: 5-20 per event

    • Currently serving: 10

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours and off-site for events

  • General Office/Admin - Assist with basic administrative duties, including but not limited to data entry, mailings, filing, and labeling/sorting.

    • Time commitment: Typically one to two hours every other week (or more)

    • Need: 10

    • Currently serving: 5

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours

  • Outreach Fairs/Booth Coordinator - Represent Hope Clinic at local church, community and health fairs across the greater Nashville area.

    • Time commitment: Typically 2-4 hours per fair, at least once per quarter (or more)

    • Need: 5

    • Currently serving: 1

    • Where? Off-site during weekends

  • Prayer Team - Pray over ongoing Hope Clinic needs and client, staff, and volunteer prayer requests found in the Monthly Prayer Requests/Twitter prayer requests.

    • Time commitment: Typically one to two hours per month (or more)

    • Need/Currently serving: always welcomed!

    • Where? Onsite during operational hours or offsite anytime

All volunteer opportunities are during business hours only, unless otherwise specified.

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Megan snell at
msnell@hopeclinicforwomen.org or call 615.627.2790

Parking at the Clinic: Client volume has grown considerably in the past year, which means unfortunately, we do not have space in our back lot for volunteers, interns, and most of staff. Please arrive 15 minutes before your volunteer/meeting time to look for street parking. You can also use the paid lot at the Hutton Hotel ($10 for 2 hours, $20 for 2-8 hours). We are really sorry for this inconvenience, but desire to keep spots available for our clients. If parking is a barrier, they are likely to ‘no show’ and not receive our care. Thank you so much for understanding.

Get Started by Attending an Introduction to Hope Clinic
or completing Express Training

Volunteers play an essential role to our programs and services and without the interest and dedication of individuals like yourself, we would not be able to offer many of our services. Our volunteer opportunities are great for individuals AND small groups (individual, church or business)! Often volunteers are the first people to connect with our clients and the impact you have on their life is best said by them:

“I called a number of places, but came here because the person on the phone really cared about me.”

“I was offered a genuinely kind ear, necessities for my daughter, a free ultrasound, and free parenting classes. I received phone calls weekly just to ask how my day was.”

“Since the first meeting with Hope Clinic, my life has changed. They made me feel that I belong to the Hope Clinic family.”