A Word from our CEO


Hope Clinic for Women is a unique and special place.
Words like safe, confidential, homey, merciful, gentle, kind, compassionate, and caring are just some of the many words our clients use to describe our setting and what they feel when they arrive. We have found a way to reach women of all backgrounds and beliefs.
Inside Hope Clinic, we don’t focus on ways we are different, or attempt to force anyone to do or think anything. We simply listen, love, and help. That is why over 60,000 women and men have come through our door. It is why we are able to reach all women on both sides of the political realm. It is why we are able to save and change lives.
Hope Clinic is special. I encourage you to come visit us. Our Open House is a simple way to visit with me, hear our history, and understand our mission and our services. You can also see the different ways you can partner with us, or recommend us to someone you care about. I look forward to meeting you!

- Renée (President/CEO)