Hope Clinic has been offered an incredible $60,000 matching gift! From May 9th - August 15th, gifts will be DOUBLED due to an anonymous donor’s generosity.

Eligible Gifts:

  1. New donors (individual, business, church, grant, or foundation)

  2. Lapsed donors whose last gift was prior to 1/1/2018.

  3. A special one time check above someone’s current pledge to be received by 8/15.  

How will Hope Clinic be using this money? We are focusing on ACCESS to care for the women and families we serve. Our client numbers have increased over 60% this year alone and we want to make sure that we are continuing to reach new areas, new clients, and keeping our high standard of care. Practically that looks like:

  • TECHNOLOGY: We hope to update the current technology base for more access to online classes, live streaming of classes, online counseling and mentoring classes. Many of our clients and volunteers face increasing difficulty finding transportation into Nashville metro to utilize our services at the Clinic, so we want to bring our care to them.

  • MOBILE CARE: We want to equip a robust medical mobile unity ministry serving the the homeless at risk for pregnancy and disease, the abortion minded, and those who simply cannot get to our clinic. This unit will be in partnership with other health agencies in Nashville, but our aim is to equip the unit with supplies, staffing, and all the materials needed for consistent care.

  • PR/MARKETING: We cannot always rely on referrals for our clients to find us, so we want to invest in targeted campaigns to reach the areas of Nashville that desperately need our care, but may not know about us.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: As our client numbers have increased that puts an increased strain on our staff. As we expect more out of our team, we want to pour into them more skills for sustainable leadership, service, and love.

If you have any questions about this matching donation or would like to speak to someone more personally, please contact our -Development Manager, Kailey Schaneberg at 615-627-2791 or kschaneberg@hopeclinicforwomen.org.