Are you considering parenting your baby, but are overwhelmed by the circumstances? Are you worried about finances, completing your education or having the support you need? Hope Clinic is here to listen, inform and help equip you. We care about you and want you to realize you are not in this alone. We provide you with the resources and referrals you need along with many other ways of empowering you should you decide to parent your child.

What We Can Do to Support You Throughout Your Pregnancy

The Bridge PRogram

Women and men can enroll in this FREE program throughout their pregnancy and up to 3 months post-delivery. As clients participate in classes, groups, and appointments, they earn points to use in our clothing room for baby items. Clients may remain in the program until their child turns 1 year old. Clients may utilize the following Bridge Program Services:

  • Counseling:

    • Meet with graduate-level counselors for emotional and therapeutic support (individually or as a couple)
    • Receive support/coping skills related to: anxiety, depression, stress and parenting
    • Work through relationship challenges
    • Confidential and HIPAA compliant virtual counseling sessions are offered through Doxy.Me if needed.
  • Mentoring:

    • Meet with a volunteer mentor for emotional and social support
    • Access resources such as housing, food and childcare
    • Discuss topics such as: budgeting, healthy boundaries and parenting
    • Discuss development of pregnancy, preparing for labor and child development
  • Education Classes and Groups:

    • Women's Health, Pregnancy, Labor, Breastfeeding, Newborn Safety, Health, Nutrition and Feeding (taught by Belmont Nursing Students)
    • Budgeting, Couponing
    • Baby Sign Language, Infant CPR and more.
    • New Moms' Group, Men's Group and Women's Bible Study Group
  • Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy Program

    • Taught by our Registered Nurses on staff
    • Open to pregnant women and their partners
    • Free education and support during your pregnancy
    • Monthly nicotine level checks (breathing test) 
    • Phone support from our medical staff
    • Receive a pack of diapers every time the nicotine level drops
    • Receive a Visa gift card upon completion of the program