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Prevention Education: Sexual Risk Avoidance

Do you need access to accurate information on STDs, testing and treatment? Are you a teen that has questions about health or sexual development? Are you a parent or youth leader struggling to communicate with your kids on these important topics?

Hope Clinic is here to help.

At Hope Clinic, our aim is to educate, counsel and assist young people, youth leaders and parents regarding sex, intimacy, sexually-transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, healthy relationships and setting boundaries. Talking about these topics shouldn’t be taboo; there should be a safe place for you to ask questions and share your struggles. Hope Clinic's prevention staff is equipped to handle your most difficult questions and inquiries. We promote healthy choices and sexual risk avoidance among youth and young adults. While we have a focus on abstinence, we also explain the benefits and costs of birth control.

Why We Need Prevention Education:

  • Females between the ages of 15 and 19 years old have the highest risk of contracting an STD. (The Center for Disease Control)
  • About 50% of all STDs occur in people under age 25. (The Center for Disease Control)
  • One in three high school students experiences either physical or sexual violence, or both, at the hands of someone they are dating or going out with. (Break The Cycle:

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What Partners and Participants are Saying

 “Having a partnership with Hope Clinic allows us to keep before our students healthy messages about sexuality and is leading to the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Hope Clinic's staff has been outstanding to work with and approach our students and mission with sensitivity, expertise, and professionalism.”

“As a parent of an student at St. Ann School, I just wanted to thank you for your program. I am so grateful to all of you for discussing such a difficult topic in such a faith filled, responsible, yet appealing way.”

“All I can say is WOW! I never knew what my children are going through. Thank you for opening our eyes to what our children go through on a daily basis. This class was so needed. I pray it will spread all over Nashville and surrounding areas.”