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Prevention Education: Sexual Risk Avoidance

Do you have questions about health or sexual development? Are you a parent or youth leader struggling to communicate with your kids on these important topics? Do you need access to accurate information on STDs, testing and treatment?

Hope Clinic is here to help.

In 1998, we began our FREE prevention education in schools (private and public), churches and community agencies. Our curricula address each of the teaching standards for sexual health education set by Metro Nashville Public Schools and Tennessee Law, and has been approved for use in MNPS schools. The Title V grant-funded program uses the curriculum, REAL Essentials: Advance and Starting Point and is an evidence-based curriculum proven effective in reducing the risk of HIV, STDs and teen pregnancy. The program is targeted to youth ages 10-19, and can be tailored to your school scheduling needs. We also have a parent/youth leader training seminar to equip adults to navigate these topics with young people.

At Hope Clinic, our aim is to educate, counsel and assist young people, youth leaders and parents regarding sex, intimacy, sexually-transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, healthy relationships, setting boundaries, technology in relationships and the influence of the culture on decision-making. We strive to create a safe place for tough questions regarding tough topics. We start from a point of knowing each individual’s worth and homing in on the student’s intrinsic motivation for making healthy choices in line with their values and future goals. Through medically accurate information and engaging classes and seminars, we promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of choosing abstinence. *

*While we have a focus on abstinence, we also explain the nature and limitations of common types of contraception based on data from the CDC and Hope Clinic’s own clinical expertise.

If you would like to learn more about bringing this FREE program to your school, youth group, or community group please contact prevention@hopeclinicforwomen.org
Why We Need Prevention Education:

  • Females between the ages of 15 and 19 years old have the highest risk of contracting an STD. (The Center for Disease Control)
  • About 50% of all STDs occur in people under age 25. (The Center for Disease Control)
  • One in three high school students experiences either physical or sexual violence, or both, at the hands of someone they are dating or going out with. (Break The Cycle: breakthecycle.org)

Education: Sexual Risk Avoidance

What we do:

Our Sexual Risk Avoidance program is titled “Promoting Health Among Teens! – Comprehensive Abstinence and Safer Sex Intervention.” This program is research-and-evidence-based, culturally relevant for our target population, adaptable based on the delivery needs of youth development partners and includes corresponding parent components. It has been proven effective in reducing the risk of HIV, STDs and teen pregnancy. Students in our program learn about abstinence and the costs and benefits of birth control. The core objectives of this program are as follows:

  1. Teach correct information about HIV, STDs, pregnancy, and contraception
  2. Address behavioral attitudes and outcome expectancies
  3. Build negotiation and problem-solving skills
  4. Build self-efficacy in adolescents and a desire to practice abstinence

Teen Program Summary:
Our teen program consists of 5 sessions covering topics about relationships, self-esteem, boundaries, emotional and physical consequences of sex (STDs/HIV, unplanned pregnancy), technology and pornography. The sessions can be broken up into a variety of time lengths to meet an organization’s needs. If requested, the youth can be split into gender-focused groups to allow for and encourage a more comfortable conversation environment. Each presentation will be led by a trained Hope Clinic staff member and/or volunteer, who is skilled in presenting the material and encouraging discussion. In addition to the prevention staff, a medical staff member will also be present at different times throughout the program to help answer any medical questions.

REAL Essentials: STARTING POINT (6-8th Grade) Program

REAL Essentials: ADVANCE (9th-12th Grade) Program

Parent/Youth Leader Program Summary:
As part of our youth prevention program, we also provide a parenting/train-the-trainer program. Parents and/or youth leaders of the students in the abstinence program will be educated in the same material, in order to continue the conversation at home and within the organization. This program is also appropriate for parents of soon-to-be-teens as a way to prepare for these tough conversations in the future. The parent/train-the-trainer program will cover topics about relationships (healthy vs. unhealthy), maintaining open-door conversation, the consequences of sex, consent and partner pressure, etc. Although a medical staff member may not always be present for these trainings, we still take any and all questions and present them to our medical staff if needed.

Level 3: Adults (Parents, Partners, Teachers, and Youth Leaders) Program



Current Partners

Bethlehem Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle TN, HealthConnect America, Martha O’Bryan Center, Oasis Center, Preston Taylor Ministries, Prevent Child Abuse TN, St. Thomas Midtown, Town Centre Theatre, The Spot, Women’s Medical Services, YMCA of Middle Tennessee, YEP College Access Now (TSU/Boy and Girls Club), Youth Encouragement Services, Youth for Christ

Antioch Middle School, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Franklin Road Academy, Hillwood High School, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Maplewood High School, Pearl Cohn High School, Pope John Paul II High School, RePublic High School, St. Ann School, St. Joseph Catholic School, Valor Collegiate Academy

CrossPoint Church, and more coming soon!

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