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Relationship Education (Online)

In light of a changing world, we have adapted our data-driven, evidence-based curriculum to a virtual classroom setting. Students will interact with facilitators and classmates in group discussion and engaging activities.  Zoom web conferencing software is utilized to create a virtual classroom. We invite parents, educators, youth leaders, and others who support youth to review our content and decide if this program would be a good fit for their student.

The virtual program takes place in classrooms of 8-12 students. These cohorts will meet virtually twice a week for an hour each. Students will spend at least 6 hours exploring the topics listed below, meeting the threshold to have measurable behavior change. 95% of kids said this program was helpful and informative for considering healthy life choices and many students committed to a change in behavior as a result of the information they received.

High School Program
REAL Essentials: Advance

Hour 1: Knowing Yourself
Hour 2: Boundaries and Consent
Hour 3: Holistic View of Intimacy
Hour 4: Physical & Emotional Impacts of Sex
Hour 5: Anatomy, Pregnancy & Contraception
Hour 6: Technology in Relationships & Capstone Review

Middle School Program
REAL Essentials: Starting Point

Hour 1: Know Yourself, Puberty & Sexual Health
Hour 2: Relationships, Boundaries & Consent
Hour 3: Online Safety & Capstone Review


Parent Workshop Series  Learn how to talk to your teenager about relationships and sex!                                                                                       Parents will have an engaging 3-session experience for improving their family’s trust and communication about intimate relationships through healthy conversations with their teenager. This program will provide ongoing expert support for the following topics: foundations of healthy relationships, boundaries, physical and emotional effects of sex, consent, and online safety. The program empowers parents to discuss these difficult topics with their child. 


If you have question that you’d prefer to discuss in a one-to-one setting, please email prevention@hopeclinicforwomen.org. Our team of educator specialists are ready to discuss all aspects of this program with you.

We invite you to RSVP for an information session to learn more about this program and it’s fit for your student. Please RSVP for the info session or if you are ready to sign-up your student, click the link below!