Teen Services


Did You Know?

  • 15-24 year-olds represent only 25% of the sexually active population, but account for nearly half of the 18.9 million new cases of STDs in America each year.
  • Tennessee has the 15th highest teen pregnancy rate in the United States.
  • 53% of births in Tennessee are unplanned (versus the national average of 37%).

What we can do:

We know that every day you get a lot of information thrown at you. TV shows, websites, social media--it's all telling you different things about bodies, relationships, and sex. Hope Clinic wants to provide you with the information to determine whether or not what you're hearing is true. 

Hope Clinic provides FREE visits to adolescents up to age 17. Teens can meet in a private and confidential setting with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss:

  • Health concerns
  • Puberty and development
  • Personal hygiene and care
  • Sexual health
  • Information on possible outcomes of sexual activity

Our Nurse Practitioner can also conduct age-appropriate health screenings, as needed.

To ask any questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 615.321.0005