Volunteer Opportunities

Want to Volunteer with Us?

Directly with Clients:

  • Clothing Room (on Thursdays) - Provide one-on-one mentoring, education and community resources to support our Bridge Program clients. 
  • Phone Counselor - Answer initial client calls, provide support/explanation of our services, transfer calls to the appropriate staff member, make appointment reminder calls, and call clients to check in with them.
  • BRIDGE Mentor (male and female) - Provide one-on-one mentoring, education and community resources to support our BRIDGE clients.
  • BRIDGE Class Instructor - Teach a class to BRIDGE clients on a topic related to pregnancy, parenting, health and well-being, or life skills. Must have received formal study and/or training to teach class. 
  • New Mom's Group Leader - Attend/lead weekly support groups and discussions based on our curriculum. 
  • Meal/Gift Delivery to New Moms - Cook/purchase a meal and deliver to a new mom and her family.
  • High School Pregnancy Group Leader - Lead support group at local MNPS High School for pregnant students/teen moms.
  • Spanish Interpreter - Assist staff members in caring for our Spanish-speaking clients, including translating written materials and BRIDGE classes. Must be fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Prevention Speaker (male and female) - Present evidence-based abstinence and healthy decisions curriculum and facilitate group discussions to junior high and high school students. 
  • Medical (Administrative, NPs,  RNs, Sonographers) - Must have background in medicine and be certified/licensed to volunteer in the medical side of our ministry.

Behind the Scenes (male and female):

  • Prayer Team - Pray (onsite or off-site) over ongoing Hope Clinic needs and client, staff, and volunteer prayer requests found in the Prayer Notebook/Monthly Prayer Requests spreadsheet.
  • Clothing Room (weekdays, excluding Thursdays) - Provide one-on-one mentoring, education and community resources to support our Bridge Program clients. 
  • Office Work - Assist with basic administrative duties, including but not limited to Quickbooks, data entry, mailings, graphic design, web design, photography, and PR.
  • Properties/IT - Assist our Business Director with tasks concerning IT support and properties management. 
  • Events (committee member, event-day volunteer) - Assist with planning/conducting of a fundraising event by managing or assisting with one of the following areas: marketing/PR, decorations, soliciting donations, event logistics, set-up/tear down.
  • Community Liaison - Represent Hope Clinic at local church, community and health fairs across the greater Nashville area. 
  • Mother's Day & Thanksgiving Celebration - Assist staff in planning/conducting a celebration for our clients on these holidays by decorating, cooking/serving food, gather gift donations, etc.

All volunteer opportunities are during business hours only, unless otherwise specified.

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact Missi Mitchell at mmitchell@hopeclinicforwomen.org or call 615.627.2790

Get Started by Attending an Open House

Volunteers play an essential role to our programs and services and without the interest and dedication of individuals like yourself, we would not be able to offer many of our services. Our volunteer opportunities are great for individuals AND small groups (individual, church or business)! Often volunteers are the first people to connect with our clients and the impact you have on their life is best said by them:

“I called a number of places, but came here because the person on the phone really cared about me.” 
“I was offered a genuinely kind ear, necessities for my daughter, a free ultrasound, and free parenting classes. I received phone calls weekly just to ask how my day was.”
“Since the first meeting with Hope Clinic, my life has changed. They made me feel that I belong to the Hope Clinic family.”