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“There is a miracle in every new beginning” – Herman Hesse

This is the quote I have above my son’s crib. A brand new baby entering into the world by divine intervention I definitely call a miracle. I also love this quote because it reminds me of the miracle that happens when people move from bondage to freedom. This is why I chose to become a counselor and especially why I work at Hope Clinic.

Hope Clinic is exactly a new beginning for those in need. It is a safe, loving place to help clients find their new start. Women who hold shame, guilt, anger, or sadness come in and are able to sort through the meaning of these feelings. It is a place to find where your old, shameful self ends and a new freed self begins.

Beginnings are not easy, they can actually be extremely painful. Just as giving birth to a baby is painful, so can repairing a wounded relationship or giving up an unhealthy way to cope. The great thing is that we are here to walk along side of clients through that pain and help them reach the other side of healing. We hope for the miracle of a new beginning.

It is a miracle that God can take what is broken and make it whole. We believe He can piece together something that the world says is not fixable and repair it. This is why Hope Clinic is here and we have not given up hope. We believe in miracles.

Cindi Barrett, M.A. has been at Hope Clinic over 2 years and provides professional counseling and intern supervision. She is also a new mother, helping her relate in a more intimate way to the clients she serves.