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Client Testimonials

“If there is anyone that needs help or dont know where to start when having a baby I always send them to Hope Clinic that is my first choice and I always will be.”

Listen to Savannah and Rashad share their story of finding out they were pregnant in high school and choosing parenting in the midst of uncertainty through the support of Hope Clinic.

“Throughout her pregnancy, Charlotte visited the clinic to receive the emotional and physical support she needed. I am extremely grateful to now be a great-grandmother to little Molly! I just don’t know what we would do without Hope Clinic!”

They said to me, “Come back,
and we will give you all the things
you need for your baby. Anytime
you need something, just call us.
You will not be alone.

“From that moment onward, we were wrapped in love from every direction…The work of Hope Clinic cannot be described easily. Of course, there are the very practical ways they help with classes, counseling and material assistance. But then there are the intangible ways in which they deliver hope as well.

“I don’t feel like a mentor to her, as much as we are just friends, and doing life together, and learning from each other!

“It is so rewarding, now, to know that me making the right choice led me to here where I am at in life right now. For the first time in my life, I’m happy. Truly, truly happy!

Hope Clinic was there with unbiased help and support. They’ve helped me through tough decisions without judgement. I joined the Bridge Program. Counseling and mentoring has helped me heal as a person and a mother.”

I joined the free Pregnancy Bridge Program which included mentoring and counseling. What. A. Life. Change. I was given the tools I needed and the empowerment to make changes myself.

“The staff welcomed me with warm smiles, so eager to meet my needs. I talked to the staff and told them about my life, the depression I had been dealing with, but also my resolve to carry this baby to term. They treated me like I was family, so concerned about my kids, my life, our health and my unborn child. My baby boy is due October 2ndHope Clinic is just what the name says …… Hope.

Ashamed. Guilty. Afraid. Unbelief. Shock. Fear of the future. Those emotions were my closest companions in the early days. Though I came in for just an ultrasound, I continued to come back as I got connected to the Bridge program with a counselor. What an amazing resource to help me during a profound and scary start to my journey of parenting. This source of initial fear and sadness has turned into INCOMPREHENSIBLE JOY in my life.

The services provided empower women and families to have a say so in their labor and delivery. It also enhances professional development and provides social support to various types of children, women, and families. Thank you for being there for us. 

Statements of Support

“The agency delivers exactly what its name promises-hope….Through its network of skilled and compassionate staff and volunteers Hope Clinic provides hope to thousands of women by facilitating and affording opportunities, possibilities, guidance and presence during poignant and difficult times in their lives that would otherwise be overwhelming and defeating…Our community would be severely impoverished without this outstanding organization, which provides a tremendous contribution to our social fabric in a fiscally responsible and most efficient manner.”

Vice President, St. Thomas Hospital

“Last week I went to the recording studio to hear a final mix of a song called, You Carried Me. I co-wrote the song with a dear friend of mine and it is basically the story of her life. Her birth mother got pregnant at a young age and pushed through the shame of an unplanned pregnancy in order to deliver a healthy baby girl and place her up for adoption….As we sat there and listened to it for the first time I was choking back tears looking at my sweet friend who is now 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. The gift of life is a beautiful thing…I can think of no better place for you to spend some of your money than at a facility that provides medical, emotional, financial and spiritual support to women facing one of the toughest choices of their life.” 

Recording Artist 


“In addition to the great work that Hope Clinic does in the community and in our schools, you set yourself apart for the very efficient and cost conscious manner in which you conduct your business. I’ve been to your site twice and still haven’t found the wasted space, nor would I expect to find a wasted dollar spent.”

Executive Director, Cal Turner Family Foundation 

“As our economic difficulties continue to result in larger numbers of middle class and poor Americans losing access to healthcare, Hope Clinic has continued to serve in such a way as to care for those who seem to be falling through the cracks….Hope Clinic is a safe place where the needy folks of our community can receive high-quality, comprehensive care without regard for race, religion, or economic circumstances.”

Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt Internal Medicine

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