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My name is Shaletha. I’m a mother of 12 kids ages 22 to 2. I have nine girls and three boys. I’ve always wanted the best for my family. For the first time last year I made the decision to go on birth control but to my total surprise found myself pregnant again. I learned about Hope Clinic from my doctor’s office. My health care was inactive and they told me about Hope Clinic. I walked into the clinic in mid-March, despite closures so many other places. That day seriously changed my life. The staff welcomed me with warm smiles, so eager to meet my needs. I talked to the staff and told them about my life, the depression I had been dealing with, but also my resolve to carry this baby to term. They treated me like I was family, so concerned about my kids, my life, our health and my unborn child. My baby boy is due October 2nd.  While I am 40 years of age, my other children are still incredibly excited about having a new baby brother. Through Hope Clinic’s support and availability during this Covid-19 season and the free counseling I feel more prepared than ever to take this journey again. Hope Clinic is just what the name says …… Hope. 


 From Hope Clinic

I had the joy of meeting Shaletha for her pregnancy photoshoot a few weeks backWhen you think of a committed and loving mother, that is who Shaletha is. When she said that she was pregnant with her 13th child, my jaw dropped and she just laughed. She shared with me that this pregnancy was a complete shock to her, as this is the first time she has been on birth control. She told me that when she came to the clinic was little depressed. She had been carrying a lot with her due to her unplanned pregnancy, financial instability, insurance issues, and the “Safer-at-Home” order, along with many other outside factors. I mean, one of those stressors is a lot to handle, but all together, I was surprised she could still put forth understandable sentences, nonetheless take care of her 12 children. 

While she was sharing, I thought of how many other women walk into our clinic heavy laden, just looking for someone to make the load a little lighter. When Shaletha went to her first appointment, she almost put at ease by being met with wave after wave of support from the staff, even in the middle of additional sanitary and safety measures being taken. She was able to have an ultrasound and see her baby boy, which made a huge impact on her. I have seen a few ultrasounds in my life, and I know how real the pregnancy becomes seeing the baby move around and hearing the heartbeat. I know that moment has made so many women mothers at the clinic. Shaletha raved about our counselors and how her one-on-one time with them has only solidified what she already knew– that she is going to love this baby boy so much! Hope Clinic’s staff has not only shown Shaletha that they care about her pregnancy, but also her mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being along with her family’s well-being. 

We always talk about how our goal is to meet the needs of our clients with a mind, body, spirit approach. I have seen when all of these areas are nourished and cared for, women are encouraged along their journey of healing and towards hope. And that is what Shaletha found at Hope Clinic. She found her safe place to feel loved and supported as she talks through some of the hard parts of lifeShe, like so many other women who I’ve seen walk in our front door, found a safe place where no feelings, thoughts, background, or current situation would disqualify her from the best care she can have. I am so thankful that Hope Clinic was able to be a provider of hope in Shaletha’s life and will continue to walk with her and support her with baby #13!  

-Mary Beth, Development Coordinator