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The Big Payback: Campaigner Guide

The Big Payback is hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and is a community-wide giving day that celebrates and supports the life-changing work of local nonprofits. From 6pm on Wednesday, May 5th to 6pm Thursday, May 6th donors can make gifts online to our Hope Clinic Donation Page. The Big Payback is special because all contributions to Hope Clinic can be amplified by additional incentives, bonuses, and prizes made possible by The Big Payback sponsors throughout the day. This is where we need your help as a Campaigner.



A Campaigner is someone wanting to take their support of Hope Clinic to the next level by creating their own personal fundraiser under the Hope Clinic for Women’s donation page and inviting their friends, family, and circle of influence to give during the 24 hours of The Big Payback.



Through The Big Payback website, there is an option for people to create their own fundraiser campaign under our Donation Page. That is where you will come in!

You can set your own fundraising goal whether that is $500 or $2,000! You can customize it to share why YOU want to give to Hope Clinic for Women and why you want your friends, family, and circle to join in that with you!

The day of The Big Payback (May 5th at 6pm- May 6th at 6pm), you will connect with your community through social media, reaching out via text, call, email, and various other ways to invite and encourage them to donate to Hope Clinic through YOUR fundraising campaign! 



The only thing a Campaigner needs is a fundraiser campaign page and your community! We will send you graphics, ready-to-go captions, post ideas, incentives to give, shareable content, and much more! You will be well equipped!



This is such a common question! The simple answer is however you want! There are two main ways we see it play out:

1) You can broadly ask your social circle and individuals to give. Many of these campaigners share stories from Hope Clinic to showcase the life-changing impact the ministry is making in Middle Tennessee.

2) Each person has their own skills and talents and now is your time to put them on display! Set up incentives for your friends and family to give! This looks like donate for: a baked good, a personalized song, a dance workout class, piece of art, the list is endless! You know your crowd- think about what they would love from you for the benefit of Hope Clinic! 

Download your Campaigner Packet and Materials here!

Questions? We would love to connect!

Contact our Development Director, Kailey Cornett by email or by phone at 615.627.2795.

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If you would like to support the work of Hope Clinic with your time or treasure, please visit our volunteer page or our donate page. We would not be able to do what we do and reach the individuals we do without the tireless work and support of people like you. Thank you!

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