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I first came to Hope Clinic a few days after I learned I was pregnant. When I arrived, I had no idea I would be spending so much time with all the friendly faces there. At my first visit, I had an ultrasound and felt completely lost and hopeless. Everyone there helped support me, and told me about the Bridge Program. They had many different classes that I took advantage of, such as the New Mom’s Group and the Breastfeeding Classes. I began going to counseling once a week, whenever I wasn’t working. During my pregnancy, I saw Cathy and she helped me realize my self-worth along with bettering myself for my daughter. She helped me develop healthy ways of coping with negative situations by finding hobbies I could do when I felt stressed. She also made me realize how important time to myself is.

After I had my daughter, Brooklynn, I started seeing a new counselor named Kelsey. She helped me overcome my fears of loneliness since Brooklynn’s father chose not to be involved. A few months after Brooklynn was born, I found out she was profoundly deaf in both ears, had brain damage and she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy due to me having a virus, known as CMV. Kelsey helped me through all the tough times, especially after tough doctors’ appointments. It was super helpful having those counseling sessions every week so I didn’t have to be alone and so I could find new ways to cope. Now, Brooklynn has a cochlear implant in her left ear so she can hear. She’s also progressing so much better since she goes to therapy 4 times a week. We still go to the Hope Clinic to see familiar faces and to take advantage of the shop they have for clothes, diapers and many other items. We will eternally be grateful for Hope Clinic!