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Today is our annual Hope for the Future event at the stunning and nearby Hutton Hotel. Lily Smith has done an amazing job heading up this thing, along with our positively first-class team of staff members. As everyone around the clinic is bustling around, tweaking last minute details like the shrubs out front and the candle placement for the Open House, I feel the need to wrap my head around what’s behind all the excitement. Down stairs in the conference room, there is this amazing poem I sneak down to read any time I can. I’d like to share it with you today.

“Hope is one of my favorite emotions because of its humility.
It’s not like gladness or joy, which stick around just for the good stuff.
Hope is my heart’s missionary. It humbly seeks fear and shame and hurt and befriends them.
Hope enters the very dustiest parts of my heart, cleans out the cobwebs,
and whispers of the promise of eternal perfection…”
-Maggie Lindley

It’s really important for this “humble” emotion of Hope to grow strong in each one of us. At the Clinic, this emotion must forgo the luxury of discouragement and serve as the anchor for the thousands of men and women who walk through our heavy glass door each year. It must breathe life and refreshment in our staff and volunteers who tirelessly serve. It must spearhead the grand generosity of all who give, whether through time, prayer, or resources. Hope stays very busy. It has no choice.

And so tonight, at our big Gala, the guest of honor will in fact be Hope…I for one am looking forward to seeing it on every single face.