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Jiah & Demetrius

Every Hope Clinic client is different. For Jiah, a public health professional and her husband, Demetrius, a recent graduate pursuing a Masters in Conservation Ecology, finding out they were pregnant was not in the cards for these young professionals just figuring out life after undergrad. Demetrius had just graduated and hadn’t found a job yet and Jiah was finishing for her Master’s program. As initial fear set in, Jiah remembered the Hope Clinic from when she volunteered with us during her undergraduate education.  


She was greeted with the same warmth and comfort she received as a volunteer when she came back again as a client. The young couple joined the Bridge parenting program. Hope Clinic connected Demetrius to a new job. They started counseling, together and separately. Through months in the program Demetrius grew more comfortable to share his experiences with othersTheir counselor, Rachael, assisted Jiah with becoming a better communicator, healing from traumatic experiences, applying skills and tools in her daily life. They watched and attended countless classes which gave them access to diapers, wipes, carseat, and stroller. Moving forward they are more confident about their journey as a family. 


To Hope Clinic Supporters, “The services provided empower women and families to have a say so in their labor and delivery. It also enhances professional development and provides social support to various types of children, women, and families. Thank you for being there for us.” 


To future Hope Clinic clients, “Take advantage of information and knowledge received and apply it. As often as you can give back.