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“In February of 2019, I was nowhere where I am today, not even close. I was in fear of my life, my future, and my child’s life. I was stuck in a very toxic, almost abusive environment. I really didn’t know anyone else. My family is quite the opposite of supportive. I was in a one-sided relationship that, I felt, I didn’t really have a choice in… To put matters in more perspective, I suffered an ankle injury while I was 10 weeks pregnant and I wouldn’t walk for the next 6 months… I was so helpless, ashamed, and angry at myself. Especially because 5 months before, I had everything. I knew where I was at physically and mentally. I knew I couldn’t do this alone… I was wasting away quite literally- I lost 40 pounds in my first trimester. I was emotionally distraught between my relationship with my partner, not even being able to drag myself to shower, and so much more. I was at a point in my life where God gave me this blessing that I prayed and prayed for and I couldn’t stop hurting. I felt that me and my baby were better off dead and that is one of the cruelest feelings anyone could feel. I knew I had to get out and that I needed help, so I got online and I found Hope Clinic

I got my last paycheck and I took a Lyft to Hope Clinic and limped in with a cast and crutches. I met the previous Pregnancy Services Manager and one of the counselors, Nicole that day. With no hesitation, I would say I owe my life to them. I told them I know what I need to do and how, I just needed a little help getting there. I knew if I had that support that I would be okay… I had no one in my darkest moments and then I came to this place, these people… they saved my life and my daughter’s life in the next 6 months through the support they offered mentally and physically. I was at classes 4 days a week and physical therapy. I had no money. I was homeless. Hope Clinic’s resources provided me everything my daughter needed before she was born. Through other organizations that they referred me to, I was able to get temporary housing. I met other women and mothers and made bonds. Through counseling, I broke down every barrier to make sure I could provide the healthiest home to my daughter, even if that meant facing and healing past traumas. Hope Clinic isn’t just a safe place, it’s home for many new mothers and women alike. We aren’t just supporting each other and our community, but we’re starting a movement of breaking generational cycles, creating healthy relationships, practicing self-love, and bringing back to focus on what being a woman truly is… We create and give this world life. Being a part of a place like Hope Clinic reminds you of that and it is something completely unexplainable. For any women out there starting this journey, no matter how scared, alone, or how many obstacles are in front of you, the staff at Hope Clinic will see you through!!

The day my daughter was born, I wasn’t going to have anybody. The previous Pregnancy Services Manager Jamie helped through my whole labor and cut my daughter’s umbilical cord. Fastforward to today, my daughter is 6 months old. I’m working and in school full-time. I live in my own home and I’m working on my own business. I have never been happier and proud of who I am as a mother and a woman. Hope Clinic was there when I forgot who I was. They were there to see me through and reminded me of exactly who I am!! The impossible is always possible!!”

-Leeann, a current Hope Clinic Client