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It’s amazing to me that the placement of furniture in a room can drastically effect how we feel in the room. For example, this morning I walked into the intern office downstairs as Dr. Marshall, (also our staff interior designer), had moved a very bulky wooden table into the kitchen. The rustic black farmhouse table was also now in the work space area adjoining the intern office, providing a nice contrast to the mostly office-y pieces. It felt…good, and open. It made me want to walk through the area more as the space invited order as opposed to clutter. I found myself just standing there observing our busy interns getting ready for a full Monday. Nice.

Although I’m sure you are all dying to see the new layout, you are probably much more interested in the point of this entry. And I am getting there…! First of all, I’ll ask you this simple question: when was the last time you moved furniture around in your own life? If you are anything like me, you may work from a comfy, yet dusty attic complete with dated wallpaper, a hand-me-down lazy boy, an overflowing trunk of nick knacks waiting to be sorted through and an oriental rug that hasn’t been cleaned since the Clinton administration.

Here at Hope Clinic, there is always the temptation to fall into the proverbial “rut” and in contrast, the opportunity to hustle. Thankfully, we have been extremely blessed by consistent support from businesses, churches, volunteers, and prayer warriors. However, there is a distinctive choice made around here to grow and change for the better whether it means rearranging what we already have into a new formation or dreaming of something more suitable. Regardless, the mission continues to blow my mind and inspires me to clean my mess. It’s never quite plausible to just start over altogether. Yet it is almost always possible to rearrange what hasn’t worked in the past, and in doing so, invite life and beauty.