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Nashville Christian School

“Hope Clinic for Women has taught their relationship education classes to our high school students at Nashville Christian School for the past three years. I cannot begin to express the amazing impact their classes have had on our students. Hope Clinic’s team truly understands where students are coming from and they present in such an informative and engaging way. They have meaningful conversations with our students about relationships and sex and how those topics relate to identity, boundaries, technology, and so much more. When Hope Clinic leaves our campus each year, I feel confident each of our students have acquired skills and knowledge they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. I have been so pleased with their presentations that we even included a parent workshop this year before presenting to our students. Again, I was amazed by their ability to discuss these topics in such a healthy way with our families. I wish every high school student and parent had the opportunity to learn from Hope Clinic and I am so thankful for their team who makes this possible for our students and families. I know Hope Clinic is making a difference in the next generation and we feel very blessed to have their teaching to aid with the growth of our students.”

Katherine Lee, School Counselor  

The US has the highest unplanned pregnancy rate against peer countries. That is the leading cause of abortions. The solution is accomplished at the polls and is not as simple as passing out free birth control. Sex is an adult decision with adult consequences. We need to equip, empower and educate people to make healthier choices. If you are interested in learning more about our Relationship Education program and bringing it to your church, school, or youth group check out www.hopeclinicforwomen.org/reled/.