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“Since coming to Hope Clinic, I feel like I have been more focused on what I DO have versus what I DON’T have.” – Quanisha, mother of 3 in our Bridge Parenting Program

My name is Nisha, and I first came to Hope Clinic for Women in October of last year. I gave birth to my twin sons, Gabriel and Raphael, a few months before that in August. They were two months early and spent about eight weeks in the NICU at Centennial Hospital. I am thankful they are here with me tonight.

I heard about Hope Clinic for Women from my friend Sasha. She told me to try the counseling, and my first thought about counseling was, “I don’t have any problems, so I feel like I don’t need to go.” But something told me to call, so I did.

Because of where Hope Clinic is located and how Nashville has changed and grown, I thought I was going to be the only African-American woman there, and I thought there might be judgment. But it is a very diverse, friendly, no-judgment zone, and they care for the fathers and want them involved.

I was surprised at all the love and positive energy we get out of the staff, the people that walk through the doors of the class, and the class instructors. I also didn’t expect the classes to teach us about how our children develop, how to better use outside resources, and ways to stand together to be a family.

Since coming to Hope Clinic, I feel like I have been more focused on what I DO have versus what I DON’T have. One of the classes that I love is the “Storying” class with Shandell Northern. She tells us a verse or story from the Bible, we talk about it, and relate it to our lives today. I am learning to listen to the voice of the Spirit, and not the voice of the flesh.

One of my favorite things about the Hope Clinic for Women is the mom’s support group. There are other mothers in the group, and we talk about a variety of things like postpartum depression and prenatal care issues, and I’m so happy we can support each other, veteran moms and first-timers.

I think it is a safe and friendly learning environment for families to go to. If Hope Clinic was a song, its title would be “Inspiration.”

Thank you Hope Clinic, for all you do.


Quanisha, a current Hope Clinic client, wrote this story to share how our services have offered her growth, encouragement, and hope.