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At Hope Clinic we are about choices. We make sure that every client who enters our door knows she has choices–that even in crisis, taking the time to carefully consider those choices always allows for the best decision. Choosing adoption for your child is a difficult and scary choice, but it is also a loving, selfless and often times responsible act. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption can be a positive path for you and your child.
  • Placing your baby for adoption can be a good option when circumstances are such that parenting would not be in the best interest of the baby or the parents.
  • Birth parents are able to choose a family for their baby
  • There are various levels of adoption so that birth parents are able to visit with adoptive parents and child; birth parents are able to receive photos and letters from the child; or birth parents can choose to have no contact at all with the adoptive parents and child.
  • At Hope Clinic, we make sure you receive the best information possible on adoption such as what the process entails, facts that you may not be aware of and resources and referral information of adoption agencies in the area that can provide further support.
  • If you have decided you aren’t in a place to parent, but do not want to have an abortion, we would love to educate you on the adoption process. Adoption looks very different for each individual, and it does not always mean total separation from your child.
Maybe the idea of parenting is terrifying, and that’s OK. Have you considered adoption? Adoption means making a plan for your baby, and we at Hope Clinic will walk with you every step of the way.

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