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Parenting can be overwhelming. If you are considering parenting, you may be thinking about finances, how to include your partner, having the education or support you need. Hope Clinic is here to listen, inform, and help equip you.

You won’t be alone.

Our Bridge Program was developed specifically with you in mind. We want to provide you with the resources and referrals you need along with many other ways of empowering you should you decide to parent your child.

How can we help?

Women and men can enroll in this FREE program throughout their pregnancy and up to 3 months post-delivery. First you are assigned a mentor who is simply your coach, guide, and cheerleader. The person helping you unpack all your needs and how we can help you. They will guide you to classes, groups, and appointments, outside services. You earn points to use in our Bridge store for baby, maternity, and family items. Clients may remain in the program until their child turns 1 year old.

The Bridge Program includes the following services:

Mentoring (required):

  • Meet at least monthly at the clinic or offsite with your mentor for emotional, educational, and social support. We have men and women mentors available for you and your partner.
  • They help you:
    • Plan your next steps so you know ‘the next right step to take’
    • Access resources such as housing, food and childcare
    • Discuss topics such as: budgeting, healthy boundaries, and parenting
    • Discuss development of pregnancy, preparing for labor and child development
    • Suggest what onsite classes or online videos would be best for you

Education Classes and Support Groups:

  • We offer multiple classes and support groups a month onsite at our clinic and we have a database of online videos for you to learn practical, emotional, and spiritual skills related to parenting. Some topics include:
    • Women’s Health, Pregnancy, Labor, Breastfeeding, Newborn Safety, Health, Nutrition and Feeding (taught by Belmont Nursing Students), Postpartum Support for Mothers and Families
    • Finances, Budgeting, Couponing
    • Baby Sign Language, Infant CPR and more
    • Smoking Cessation Program – extra incentives are included
    • New Moms’ Group, Men’s Group and Women’s Bible Study Group

Resources & Referrals:

  • Our team of pregnancy experts can provide multiple resources and referrals to help make your parenting experience easier. Some examples include:
    • OBGYNs, doctors, doulas, midwifery support, and birthing facilities
    • Housing and jobs
    • Daycare and family support
    • Spiritual support and churches


  • We want to help meet your mental and spiritual needs through professional counseling referrals either to our in-clinic staff or partner agencies.
    • We offer graduate-level counselors for emotional and therapeutic support (individually or as a couple)
    • Receive support/coping skills related to: anxiety, depression, stress and parenting
    • Work through relationship challenges
    • Confidential and HIPAA compliant virtual counseling sessions are offered through Doxy.Me if needed.

Get involved

If you would like to support the work of Hope Clinic with your time or treasure, please visit our volunteer page or our donate page. We would not be able to do what we do and reach the individuals we do without the tireless work and support of people like you. Thank you!

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