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Relationship Education: High School Program


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Let us prepare your student to know themselves and navigate relationships.

In our education classes, we begin by developing intrinsic motivation for making healthy life choices. We strive to help students cultivate healthy and safe relationships and expand their concept of intimacy far beyond mere physical interaction. We also provide medically accurate information about anatomy, STIs, pregnancy, and contraception. Finally, we discuss the social and emotional impacts of technology in relationships and conduct capstone activities designed to weave the concepts together to create actionable, realistic steps for students to make healthy life choices.

The goal of Hope Clinic for Women’s Relationship Education program is to ensure students are empowered with accurate information and powerful personal experiences to make healthy choices for their own lives. It is our experience that, equipped with knowledge and strategies within a safe and trusting environment, adolescents have the ability and inclination to refrain from non-marital sexual activity and other risky behaviors, seeing them as obstacles to their own goals and dreams.

Hour 1 - Knowing Yourself
  • Personality Characteristics (M)
  • Character Spotlight 
  • Hopes & Dreams  
  • Success Sequence 
  • My Life Recipe 
Hour 2 - Boundaries & Consent
  • Boundaries Are Your Friend 
  • Setting Boundaries Early 
  • Setting Limits 
  • Communicating Consent 
  • Consent Defined 
Hour 3 - Holistic View of Intimacy
  • Foundations of a Healthy Relationship (M) 
  • Something Fishy* 
  • My Whole Self (M) 
  • Steps of Physical Intimacy (M) 
Hour 4 - Physical & Emotional Impacts of Sex
  • My Thoughts on the Meaning of Sex 
  • How Sex is Misused 
  • Swapping Juices* 
  • STD/HIV Information (CDC, local data) 
  • HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fiction? 
Hour 5 - Anatomy, Pregnancy & Contraception
  • Navigating Physical Differences (M) 
  • Roles vs. Biology (M) 
  • A Positive Test 
  • Contraception information (CDC chart) 
Hour 6 - Technology in Relationships & Review
  • Internet and Texting 
  • RU Safe? 
  • Porn: Fact or Fiction? 
  • Capstone Review Activities 
  • Resource Guide