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Relationship Education: Middle School Program


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Let us prepare your student to know themselves and navigate relationships.

In our education classes, we begin by developing intrinsic motivation for making healthy life choices. We strive to help students cultivate healthy and safe relationships and expand their concept of intimacy far beyond mere physical interaction.  We also provide medically accurate information about anatomy, STIs, pregnancy, and contraception.  Finally, we discuss the social and emotional impacts of technology in relationships and conduct capstone activities designed to weave the concepts together to create actionable, realistic steps for students to make healthy life choices.  The goal of Hope Clinic for Women’s Relationship Education program is to ensure students are empowered with accurate information and powerful personal experiences to make healthy choices for their own lives.  It is our experience that, equipped with knowledge and strategies within a safe and trusting environment, adolescents have the ability and inclination to refrain from non-marital sexual activity and other risky behaviors, seeing them as obstacles to their own goals and dreams.  Middle school education focuses on puberty and understanding influences on one’s decision-making.  More explicit sexual health content (e.g., pregnancy, STIs, etc.) are not addressed until high school programming.  We never want to steal the innocence of a child.  We encourage parents and educators who identify a need for middle school students to receive education on these topics to consider participating in our parent workshop series, teacher professional development and/or consider enrolling the child in our online student education program. 



Middle School Program Overview: REAL Essentials: STARTING POINT

Available in-person and online.

Hour Title RE: STARTING POINT Lessons
Hour 1 Knowing Yourself
  • Aging Puzzles 
  • Basic Needs of the Heart 
  • Ready, Set, Grow! 
  • Differences in Reproductive Anatomy
Hour 2 Boundaries & Consent
  • Sexual Messages 
  • Exploring Different Types of Relationships 
  • True Friendship 
  • Friendships and Setting Boundaries 
  • Stages in a Relationship and Boundaries
Hour 3 Online Safety & Review
  • Easier Said Than Done 
  • Internet and Texting 
  • Future Orientation 
  • What Would You Do?
Due to the shifting learning environments, we have crafted several programming formats that can be applied to in-person, hybrid and fully virtual options.


Relationship Education: Programing Options 

In-Person Hybrid Online +Plus Online Basic
Before Program
  •  Collect Consent Forms
  •  Collect Consent Forms
  • Digital Consent Forms  
  • Digital Pre-Survey  
  • Digital Consent Forms  
  • Digital Pre-Survey  
During Program
  • Pre-Survey  
  • Certified educators teach sessions in the classroom (6 hours of instruction)  
  •  Post-Survey
  • Pre-Survey  
  • Certified educators teach sessions remotely, via Zoom to students at partner location (6 hours of instruction)  
  • Post-Survey  
  • Assign 8 Modules with completion certificates for possible participation grade (90 minutes of interactive modules)  
  • Zoom classroom check in meetings with certified educators to discuss material (40 min each/2-4 sessions)  
  • Assign 8 Modules with completion certificates for possible participation grade (90 minutes of interactive modules) 
After Program
  • Student packets scanned by partner or collected by Hope Clinic 


  • Digital Post-Survey  
  • Digital Post-Survey 


  • Student packet will be provided upon arrival and be kept at school till the end of programming.   
  • Packets can be taken home after program ends.  
  • A homework option will be provided each day if the school would like  
  • Student packet will be delivered or mailed and be kept at school till the end of programming.  
  • Packets can be taken home after program ends.  
  • A homework option will be provided each day if the school would like  
  • Student packet can be provided before programing for students to pick up before assigned modules and Zoom class check ins.  This packet will help guide learning but is not necessary to complete program.   
  • Digital Resource packet can be emailed to student and/or parents to continue education after programing.   
*All programs can be tailored to each organization’s scheduling and safety needs.