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The news of a 25 year old woman concealing a pregnancy, carrying it to term, killing the babies and then concealing their bodies saddens the entire staff and Board of Directors of Hope Clinic for Women. Our hearts are broken for the incredible loss … the two newborn twins and the mother whose life will never be the same after this tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers are with all directly and indirectly touched by this event.

So many people are asking why or how this could happen. We may never know the real reasons, but frankly there are no answers that will right this wrong. One can assume for some reason she did not feel like she had a safe place to turn. I wish she would have walked through our doors. She would have heard that she had options. Today she has none and neither do her babies.

While this is a terrible time to talk about our services; it is the perfect time. Hope Clinic for Women exists for this very reason… to help women, men and families in a time of crisis. We are a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental place for women with an unplanned pregnancy to come …for any reason. Our doors are open to anyone and we offer medical services and professional counseling free of charge. We help people process in the midst of the chaos in their mind.

We work tirelessly to ensure everyone in our community knows there is a safe place to deal with such a difficult situation – and they do not have to be alone. We never want someone to go through something so difficult alone. This tragedy only increases our resolve to raise awareness more than ever before. We want to prevent this from happening in our community again. There is a safe place in Nashville to turn when all hope is lost and Hope Clinic for Women is that place.

Renee Rizzo
CEO and President
Hope Clinic for Women