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“I have been involved with the pro-life community for many years focusing on providing help to young women who make the courageous decision to bring a beautiful life into this world. When I relocated to Nashville I wanted to continue this calling. Finding Hope Clinic was a blessing. Every day I am at the clinic I am inspired by the patient, loving and selfless work of all the people who give of themselves to help those who need it the most. Whether it is a struggling mother trying to get the essential health care she requires, or a young lady facing what will probably be the most difficult time in her life, the people at Hope Clinic provide the comfort, assistance, and assurance that these young women so desperately need.
Because of what they do the world is, in a very real way, a better place. While my efforts, (working donations in the Clothing Room), are minor in comparison with so many of the wonderful individuals who have committed themselves to Hope Clinic’s mission, it still gives me peace knowing that in a small way I am part of this loving and compassionate place. A place that provides so many needed services and even more importantly……. Hope.”
“Dave is one of the most consistent volunteers at Hope Clinic that I know of. He is always here ready to help. When he sees something that needs done, he does it. Just this week, he came in an extra day because he noticed we had a huge influx of donations. No one asked him to commit the extra time, he just saw a need and filled it to the best of his ability. Dave is the best!”
— Alex McCandles, Counseling & Prevention Manager