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Not much to comment on with ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’ so I will comment on a couple of the main characters of ‘Teen Mom’ Season 2 on MTV. This is a ‘reality’ show of sorts. I use that term loosely because we know reality shows aren’t quite…real. This show follows 4 of the original girls that were portrayed in their pregnancy. Their children are just over a year old. Three of the girls are parenting. One chose adoption.

First, let me talk about Amber. She is the only one of the three that is actually still with the father of the baby. But that relationship is quite unstable. To me, watching this couple reminds me that it is not always in the best interest of the child for the couple to stay together just because they had a baby together. That child is exposed to yelling, screaming and hitting. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, it is the girl hitting the guy). They are both unemployed and I don’t see them trying very hard to work. Not even sure if Amber got her GED yet. And as far as I can tell, they are not getting couples counseling. They would benefit greatly from Hope Clinic’s couple’s counseling, individual counseling and BRIDGE program. It is important to us to keep working with our clients even after the baby is born. We want to equip our clients as much as possible so she and her baby have the healthiest future possible. So if you see this Amber, please call a place like Hope Clinic for Women near you. For you and for your beautiful baby! I know you have it in you; you just need some help.

Maci is another young mom. She lives at home with her parents and they are really helping her. I like her. She really is trying to be a good mom, work, and go to school. She made the healthy choice NOT to marry the father of the baby as she realized he wasn’t growing up enough. Because her parents are helping her, she has the time to attend community college. This past show, she thought she may be able to move in with her friends but they were honest with her about not wanting to live with a toddler. I appreciated the honesty of that whole scene. You can still have a productive life after an unplanned pregnancy, but there are sacrifices and it takes a team of people to help you. That is the hard truth. She is really stepping up to the plate though. Go Maci!

Before I close I have to comment on something I saw on TV this week. It was a rerun of a ‘Friends’ episode where Ross finds out Rachel is pregnant with his child. He goes into a rant that he had no idea that condoms were only 97% effective. You can’t help but laugh at the scene between he and Joey as they realize…in their 30’s, that condoms are not 100% effective. But kidding aside, the truth is, the majority of the people using them don’t realize that or want to realize that. And that percent is that high only if used correctly each and every time, which we know from our clients is not typical. So while a funny scene, it reminds me of how many times people really don’t think it through before becoming sexually active. And how ‘in control we think we are’. The issue is not just an unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STD. Sex in the wrong setting hurts deeper than that and the consequences cannot be contained by a piece of latex. Or a pill. That is why I am so glad when we talk to young adults; we address their heart, their head, their dreams, and their hopes. We want to equip them from the inside out. Want to help your teen or young adult? Contact us about coming to speak at your school or Church. 🙂