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Every time I hear the title, “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday,” I marvel that such a huge and all-encompassing phrase—“Sanctity of Human Life”—should be followed by such a smaller, specific word—“Sunday.” Can one day truly honor and evoke the inherent value of all living beings?

If you are familiar with Hope Clinic for Women, or any one of the many women’s pregnancy and wellness centers across the nation, you know this is not an issue we only think about once a year. Although Ronald Reagan may have designated one Sunday in January to honor human life (particularly unborn human lives), this is a mindset that Hope Clinic works towards constantly. We know that many of you strive daily to make this belief a reality as well.

Just as we don’t confine the recognition of human worth to one Sunday, Hope Clinic doesn’t confine this recognition to the unborn. Don’t misunderstand me—this season provides a needed space to reflect on the value of those who are unborn, vulnerable, and in need of protection. This is a human rights issue in its purest form, in which we are challenged to speak out for those who have no voice at all. But this season also extends beyond that. The meaning of Sanctity of Human Life season extends to the mother, the father, the child once he/she is born, and the family as a whole. The complexity and interconnectedness of human life are exactly what make it so worth protecting and saving.

So, back to the original question: how much good can one day do? Well, what if we stretch one day into a few months? And what if these few months are full of entire congregations listening to and dialoguing about the issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies: the shortage of support systems, the lack of quality prevention education, the financial brokenness of many who walk through our doors? One ‘day’ suddenly carries the potential to create a whole network of informed people with resources. This is what Hope Clinic wishes for this Sanctity of Human Life season—that it would be free of boundaries.

If you are interested in being part of Hope Clinic for Women’s 2017 Sanctity of Human Life Season (January-March), please contact us at mmitchell@hopeclinicforwomen.org or at (615)-627-2790.