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Connection Camp

Little Talks About Big Topics

Dates: Tuesday, July 27th – Thursday, July 29th

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: West End Community Church (235 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, TN 37209)

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Hope Clinic for Women’s suite of Relationship Education programs are based on The Center for Relationship Education’s Real Essentials suite of curricula. The lessons are built upon the fact that each individual is made in the Image of God and has worth and value. The curriculum guides participants to discover their own intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices based upon their values and future goals.   We have interwoven Scripture and the Christian worldview to highlight how the Word of God calls us to honor Him in body, mind and spirit. Hope Clinic aims to help teens guard their hearts now and move towards a healthy future and thriving relationships. Through medically accurate information, a data-driven and evidence-based curriculum, and engaging classes, we show how public health research affirms what God’s Word tells us to be true. This camp is specifically designed for Middle School Students (ages 11-14). 

Cost: Donation of $75 (We do not want finances to be a barrier! Please let us know if we can help. Email relationshiped@hopeclinicforwomen.org for assistance.)

Curriculum: REAL Essentials: Starting Point (myrelationshipcenter.org) with a Teacher Student Ratio max of 1:8

We will provide: Drinks and snacks, both male and female certified instructors, student workbook, and pens

Please bring: lunch, kids can wear comfortable clothes, send in electronic consent form

*If these dates (July 27-29) do not work for you, but you are still interested, please email relationshiped@hopeclinicforwomen.org for information on future opportunities.

To learn more about our corresponding Parent Workshop happening June 24th, click the next image:

Connection Camp Day 1 Schedule

A Biblical Worldview on You, Your Relationships, Your Body and Your Future

Day 1 (Boys and Girls Together)


Introduction and Group Norms

Group Games

What’s So Special About Me? – Objective: To help students recognize their unique gifts and character qualities.

Whole Person Health – Objective: To help students recognize their unique gifts and character qualities.

Basic Needs of the Heart – Objective: To help students evaluate the condition of their heart and emotional health.

Emotional Needs – Objective: To help students discover, understand, and articulate their emotional needs.

LUNCH & Games 11:30-12:30

True Friendship – Objective: To help students define what healthy friendships look like and the character qualities of friendship in themselves and in others.

Friendship and Boundary Setting – Objective: To help students be able to articulate the benefits of setting boundaries.

Toxic Behaviors – Objective: To teach students to identify the warning signs of toxic behavior in their friendships.

How Do You Feel Loved? – Objective: To help students discover their primary and secondary love languages, and to help them understand how someone gives and receives love.

Closing Circle – Objective: Use Healthy Relationships lesson plan to plan for circle time. To teach students the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Connection Camp Day 2 Schedule

Day 2 (Boy and Girl Small Groups)

Group Games and Review Norms

Ready, Set, GROW! – Objective: To have each student gain knowledge about the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial changes they are experiencing during puberty.

Proper Anatomical Names of Body Parts – Objective: To help students learn and understand the names and functions of the male and female reproductive anatomy.

Physical Changes of Puberty – Objective: To help each student gain a deeper knowledge about the physical changes they are experiencing during puberty.

Consent – Objective: To have students understand bodily autonomy.

LUNCH & Games 11:30-12:30

Easier Said Than Done – Objective: To allow students to better understand how communicating through technology differs from face-to-face conversations and has limitations in the quality and accuracy of communication for healthy relationship development.

“Shark Attack” Internet Safety – Objective: To educate and inform students about some of the dangers on the internet and give them skills and tools that will help navigate the internet safely.

Social Media, Cyber Bullying, Sexting – Objective: To educate and inform students about dangers of different apps and give them skills and tools that will help them navigate different platforms safely.

Distorted View – Objective: To help students think through the harmful effects and dangers of pornography.

Closing Circle – Objective: Use The Media’s Influence lesson plan to plan closing circle. To help students discover how the media influences their lives. Object lesson, squeeze sponges and guess what is them? No shame?

Social Media Pledge

Connection Camp Day 3 Schedule

Day 3 (Boys and Girls Together)

Group Games and Review Norms

Relationship Pyramid – Objective: To help student learn how to build a foundation for healthy, connected, and committed relationships.

Friendship, Dating and Love – Objective: To help students identify the purpose of dating, adopt healthy dating guidelines, and understand the value of friendship as it applies to dating.

Dream Date – Objective: To help students understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy dates.

Preparing for Lifelong Relationships – Objective: To teach students the importance of success sequencing and emphasize the importance of caring for yourself before you are able to care for others.

LUNCH & Games 11:30-12:30

Suck an Egg – Objective: To help students recognize the power of peer pressure.

What Else Influences Me? – Objective: To help students recognize outside influences on their behavior.

What would you do? Kahoot! – Objective: To guide students through the decision-making process and discover how to make decisions with intentionality, showing that today’s choices can affect tomorrow’s outcomes.

Future Orientation – Objective: To help students understand the value of thinking beyond the here and now and develop intrinsic motivation for making healthy choices.

Closing Circle – Objective: Use Choice and Effects lesson plan to plan closing circle. To help students discover that the choices they make affect not only themselves but also their families, schools, communities, and beyond.

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