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Summer Stories 2020

Bountiful Love in a Season of Scarcity

Life has taken an unexpected turn for us all these past few months. Stories of uncertainty, fear, and scarcity plague our news channels, social feeds, and families. But inside these pages you will find hope; the same hope we have shared with over 70 women facing an unplanned pregnancy since mid-March to the end of April. A hope carried by over 150 clients who utilized online counseling services, virtual relationship education programming, and our Pregnancy Services. While most of the world was closed, we stayed open.  

The three women and one man you’ll meet in these pages reflect part of depth and breadth of strength, ingenuity, grace, and gratitude our clients possess even in the face of famine. The world tells us everything is scarce right now, but these clients lean into the bountiful love we share as kingdom servants of a generous God.  

We are so grateful your support allows stories like these to exist. We hope you feel recognized for your cherished contributions, but we also hope you are inspired to see how far God’s love can take us. The abundance we share does not come of our strength, as we face a shortage in resources, financially and physically. Now more than ever you may need the hope we freely give – explore these stories and know we are with you and we need you – to mentor, to give, and to pray. 

Shaletha’s Story

My name is Shaletha. I’m a mother of 12 kids ages 22 to 2 with number 13 on the way. 

Jiah and Demetrius’ Story

Every Hope Clinic client is different.

Courtney’s Story

I think most people have an idea of how they want their lives to go. 

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